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Some of you are brand new to the tool. Others are grizzly veterans. Everyone else is somewhere in the middle… But either way, the people have spoken, and we heard you loud and clear – users of the MSC Apex platform want to know what the “best practices” are for using MSC Apex, so that they can answer that annoying question of “…am I using this tool to the best of its capability? What if there’s something new, that I don’t know about?” So, for the first time, we are proud to announce the annual MSC Apex Webinar Series – a monthly 1-hour webinar focused on exactly that – best practices.

Below is the 2021 Top 10 List of topics, which have been chosen for this year’s webinars:

  • February – Best Practices: Geometry Cleanup
  • March – Best Practices: Midsurfacing & Shell Meshing of Complex Geometries
  • April – Introduction to MSC Apex Python Scripting & Utilities
  • May – Interoperability Series: MSC Apex for Patran
  • June – MSC Apex for Space Applications
  • July – Interoperability Series: MSC Apex for Adams
  • August – Aircraft Conceptual Modeling
  • September – MSC Apex for Automotive Applications
  • October – Best Practices: Frequency Response Dynamics Analysis
  • November – Interoperability Series: MSC Apex for Nonlinear Solutions

Every webinar will be on the last Wednesday of the month, at 10am Pacific Time. If you have a conflict, signup anyway just to make sure you get notified when the on-demand video becomes available.